Thursday, September 8

Angels on the Beach

I just love white sand, blue sky and emerald green ocean. These are all God's creation. What an awesome God we have!
When the morning sun came up, soft light create beautiful scene. Thank you Lord for your blessing with such a beautiful morning.

They will remember walk on the beach together.... build the sand castle and drink koolaid...

They will remember they used to fight over holding Daddy's hand....

It will be very hard to let them go one day.

Wednesday, September 7

What is Photography to Me.

Born in Yokohama city, Japan.
She has lived in United States for 12 years.
She is a wife and mother of two beautiful girls.
She loves photography. Especially baby and children.

All the children are gift from God. They are so innocent and pure.
I loved to photograph those moment in their precious age.
The words can express their thought as well as photograph.
But, Images doesn't need the word to express. There is no barrier in language.

They will know how much parents love them without the words.

I just love the photography and children!