Monday, March 17

Mother's Love

I see the Love in this portrait....
She wants to provide him everything she can.
She thinks about her son while she is away from him.
Mom always be there for you.....

Thank you for taking your time for this portrait session.
I am so glad you made your portrait with him. It is just too precious!

Monday, March 10

Snow in March

We had snow in March. Kids are very happy playing with snow! I am very happy taking photograph snow scene! We must enjoy these snow while we can. We don't get to enjoy having snow much around here. I would love to be able to capture beautiful snow scene. Even though it was very scary driving on ice and snow, I had to stop and get out my vehicle to take picture. I took these images from the roadside of Hwy61. I caught sunrise! It was very beautiful after all these snow. Do you have any idea where this one is? It is the cotton field! Yes, In Mississippi! Our famous cotton field was covered with snow in March!!!