Wednesday, April 2

Loss of Friend

I just can't concentrate anything today. We lost our friend yesterday afternoon by auto accident. I am very sad.... Jay Brown was our Sunday School friend. He has two teenage sons and wife Karen. I can't imagine what Karen and boys have to go through..... Jay's father is in critical condition right now. My girls know Mr. Jay also. Jay was always friendly to little ones in Church. He try to play with them to make little ones feel better. They miss him very very much. We all are feeling very sad. We pray together for Mr. Jay's Family and his Dad. We know that Jay is in Heaven with Jesus today. We know that God is in control. But, it is hard to accept this truth that Jay has gone..... We just need to deal this truth and sorrow one step at the time..... with power of prayer.


Tuesday, April 1

Brady is arrived.

He was born on the Valentine Day! He was only two weeks old at the photo shoot. Melissa (Mom) changed his diaper 3 or 4 times during this session and fed him once. For their patient and effort to comfort him, I could capture beautiful portrait for his first time picture made!
Oh....., Rick was trying to help Melissa out at this photo session also. He was very supportive and caring to his loved ones.....

I thank you for Melissa and Rick's patient! I enjoyed this photo shoot very much. I hope that you will enjoy his portrait for long long time. Congratulation on your new arrival. He is very beautiful baby boy. Here are my favorites.