Tuesday, April 28

Senior Portrait Memphis Downtown

It was nice outdoor shoot. I enjoy walking & talking to Alexx and her mom. Mom was enjoying exploring Downtown Memphis also. We had a great time! Ms. Cyndi, Thank you so much for your helping hand! I love the way it turned out on photos.....

Here is a few of my favorites.

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Tuesday, April 14



ナンシーノートンさんは九州の福岡市から遥々とホーンレイクまでわざわざ私達に会いに来られました。ナンシーさんは宣教師としてご主人のジョンさんと31年も日本に滞在されていらしゃいます。カリヤビルにあるバプテストの教会で宣教師としての日本での活動、経験などをお話しされます。 彼女は日本へ帰ったら、私の両親に合いに行きたいとおっしゃってられます。ナンシーさんは私達にとっては宣教師としてよりも神様からのメッセンジャー(天 使)のような存在です。モニカとジェシカは『また、ナンシーさんに会えるかなー?』と言ってました。私達が日本に帰ったら、ナンシーさんに会いに行きたい と思っています。神様の教えと助けによって31年もの間に経験された色々な事は大変,貴重な信仰深い証だと思います。



The guest from Japan

Mrs. Nancy Norton has visited us all the way from Fukuoka in Kyusyu, Japan to here in Horn Lake, Mississippi! She has lived in Japan for 31 years as a missionary with her husband John. She had an opportunity to speak in the Baptist Church in Collierville, Tennessee about her experience and their missionary work (East Asia Summit). She is planning to visit my parents when she return to Japan. She is more like an angel to us than the missionary. My girls asked me..... "Can we meet Ms. Nancy again?" We sure like to visit Ms. Nancy if we have an opportunity to go visiting Japan. I believe it was an evidence of their faithful service and obedience to the Lord to be able to experience 31 years mission work with the guidance of our Lord Jesus.

Ms. Nancy, We will see you again! God bless you. Ms. Beverly, Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity you arranged to meet and reach out to my parents!


Saturday, April 11


He is a cutie! I had a so much fun photographing Briley. He is so blessed to have a mom & dad who enjoy every second with him. I can't wait to show you all of proofs in this session. Here are a few of my favorites. Thank you for making time for this session. Baby will grow in a blink of eyes. The precious moment will not come back to us to keep in photograph..... I am so glad that you gave me a privilege to photography your beautiful baby boy!


Friday, April 3

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