Saturday, July 10

The warrior in tiny body.

Thank you for letting me photograph your precious angel. I am so glad that we could have done this session. He needed to take a few breaks for eating, getting oxygen and some napping. I am sure he was very tired after all that. I was so thankful that his mommy and grand mother was very patient with me and him. We have been praying for him and his family since before he was born. They are a very special family to me. I remember his mom was just like my younger daughter's age?.... (It might be younger than my baby girl is 9 years old.) Now, you are a mother of this beautiful tiny warrior. I am sure you went through so much to worry and desperate moments because of his health..... I am believing you and God will provide you all strength, love and caring from people around you.
We will keep praying for his health and medical attention and all his needs.

God Bless You and your Family!!!

Here are a few of my favorites.