Saturday, December 20

Senior Portrait Collage

Here are a few sample of Senior Portrait Collage I am offering now. I have more different designs. I am offering as 10×20 mounted print in framed. I also offer 12×12 print.
Price runs from $50 to $135. If you are interested in.... contact me though e-mail or go to my web site.

Saturday, November 29

The Beauty of the Season

We have been enjoying the color of the leaves. It won't last long enough to have a fall session. It is a very short time to enjoy this color in the year. That's why, it's so precious and beautiful. Children grow in the blink of an eye....., just like the change of the season. To those who lost the chance of getting outdoor session in this fall season, let's make it up in the spring time or definitely next fall!

Here are few of my favorites!

Thursday, September 11

Family Portrait

Hi Ms. Carla, I am so glad you made this session. You work long hours everyday and go to school also, you are very busy Mom! This family portrait will show us your love of your children!!!!! Thank you again for an opportunity to get to know you and photograph your precious family! I can't wait to show you all proofs on my client gallery..... Give me a few more days to retouch! Talk to you soon. I enjoy the session with you all!

Here are a few of my favorites.


Tuesday, September 9

Outdoor Wedding Memphis TN

Congratulation! DJ & Candi

They have been together since they are in high school! High school sweet heart! I am so glad that you two finally got marry. Wedding was held at Memphis Botanic Garden. It was very beautiful. I enjoy photographing you all...... Here are a few of my favorites.


Monday, September 8

My First Birthday

He is so cute, isn't he? He was not so interested in cake at first. After his tasting, he did enjoy tasting, smashing, feeling the icing! It was so much fun to just watching how he enjoy his birthday cake. I had a fun taking his photos!


Saturday, September 6

June Wedding Southaven MS

Congratulation! Matt & Casey!

I was so shocked when their pastor told us that there will not be taken any picture during the ceremony...... I was like.... not even one shot??? But, I understood his love to this young couple when I was listening their ceremony. It was very serious, sincere and faithful ceremony. I felt that it was a covenant in the presence of our Lord. Yes, it was good ceremony. I sure wished that I could photograph their ceremony though. I did not photograph any.... well, I could not photograph any..... during the ceremony.... but, I got many great shots on them. Here are a few of my favorites.


Tuesday, August 26


My friend came over to visit us with her baby girl.... It was totally surprise to meet her first baby! I had to grab my camera when I met this sweet baby. I wished that I prepared my studio room for her, too. I did get pretty good images for the snapshots! Marlyn! I hope you get to see this blog from over Philippines. Here is your beautiful grand baby! Sandy.... I am so glad that you visited us. Let us know if you are coming and visiting us next time. So, that I can prepare for photo shoot for your beautiful baby girl. She is so precious!!!!!

Love Ya'll
Take care!

Ritzy and her family.

Sunday, August 10

Angel from Above

She is one of our Angels from Above. I visited her great grandmother's place to do her photo shoot. She is such a sweet little girl. It was the best place to make her timeless portraiture. Here are a few of my favorites. Ms. Stephanie, thank you for allowing me to photograph your little girl! I thought she looks just like you! ritzy

Tuesday, July 15

Let them be Little

I have not seeing them since last Christmas. Wow, they are growing so fast. We got these images on one early morning before the sun gets too high. He is very active and curious to many things. He wanted to get closer to these little baby duckling...... Mother duck was trying to attack him to protect baby ducklings.... Jackson's mom was protecting him from mother duck also.... they remind me how we protect our young ones and give them our best care for......

Yvonne... thank you for keeping up with us while this photo shoot. We both got pretty good exercise with them, didn't we? I hope you enjoy these photos in your home for long long time!
Here are a few of my favorites.


Saturday, July 5


They have three beautiful girls. These girls are very blessed to have loving parents and also they are blessing to mom and dad. Nothing better than, "The Home Sweet Home" Here are a few of my favorites.

Friday, June 6


Sarah is starting new chapter in her life.... Graduated High School, moving to California! She will meet and encounter more new people, environment. She is getting into big world. I can imagine how much Sarah's Mother, Sister, Grandparents will miss her. You are always loved by them no matter where you are.....

Good Luck! May God Bless You!

Wednesday, April 2

Loss of Friend

I just can't concentrate anything today. We lost our friend yesterday afternoon by auto accident. I am very sad.... Jay Brown was our Sunday School friend. He has two teenage sons and wife Karen. I can't imagine what Karen and boys have to go through..... Jay's father is in critical condition right now. My girls know Mr. Jay also. Jay was always friendly to little ones in Church. He try to play with them to make little ones feel better. They miss him very very much. We all are feeling very sad. We pray together for Mr. Jay's Family and his Dad. We know that Jay is in Heaven with Jesus today. We know that God is in control. But, it is hard to accept this truth that Jay has gone..... We just need to deal this truth and sorrow one step at the time..... with power of prayer.


Tuesday, April 1

Brady is arrived.

He was born on the Valentine Day! He was only two weeks old at the photo shoot. Melissa (Mom) changed his diaper 3 or 4 times during this session and fed him once. For their patient and effort to comfort him, I could capture beautiful portrait for his first time picture made!
Oh....., Rick was trying to help Melissa out at this photo session also. He was very supportive and caring to his loved ones.....

I thank you for Melissa and Rick's patient! I enjoyed this photo shoot very much. I hope that you will enjoy his portrait for long long time. Congratulation on your new arrival. He is very beautiful baby boy. Here are my favorites.


Monday, March 17

Mother's Love

I see the Love in this portrait....
She wants to provide him everything she can.
She thinks about her son while she is away from him.
Mom always be there for you.....

Thank you for taking your time for this portrait session.
I am so glad you made your portrait with him. It is just too precious!