Tuesday, July 15

Let them be Little

I have not seeing them since last Christmas. Wow, they are growing so fast. We got these images on one early morning before the sun gets too high. He is very active and curious to many things. He wanted to get closer to these little baby duckling...... Mother duck was trying to attack him to protect baby ducklings.... Jackson's mom was protecting him from mother duck also.... they remind me how we protect our young ones and give them our best care for......

Yvonne... thank you for keeping up with us while this photo shoot. We both got pretty good exercise with them, didn't we? I hope you enjoy these photos in your home for long long time!
Here are a few of my favorites.


Saturday, July 5


They have three beautiful girls. These girls are very blessed to have loving parents and also they are blessing to mom and dad. Nothing better than, "The Home Sweet Home" Here are a few of my favorites.