Tuesday, June 30

Family Portrait

Thank you for taking time to get this family portrait session done. It is a hustle for all of them get ready for pictures. Mom takes care of their clothing and hair...... But, it will worth it. People don't realize good portrait is an art and investment for them. People think portrait is just a picture. To me, the portrait is more than a picture, family treasure will be cherished and shared with generations to come. Thank you so much for the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family! I enjoyed the session with you all!!! Paul, Your babies are growing! I felt like it was a few month ago since last time I photograph your baby.

I am so glad that you all are doing well!
Here is a few of my favorites.

Monday, June 29

Head Shot, Head Shot.

It's good to see you again. I hope these shots will help you to move on to next level with your career!

You do great on modeling not only acting to me! Thank you for the opportunity to photograph you.

Good Luck!

Thursday, June 11

Wedding Southaven, MS

Congratulation to Vargas & Keiia!

Oh my.... Vargas! You are so gifted to sing. I was so impressed by your song at the wedding. It was coming from your deeply loving heart to Keiia. It was very much sincere and faithful! Keiia is a very blessed woman to have you as a lifetime commitment. It was very nice service also. I can't wait to create your Wedding Album! Thank you so much for the privilege to be a part of your wedding.

Here are a few of my vavorites.