Wednesday, December 19


Merry Christmas from Wawa.

I had a great session with Karen's Family.

She has a beautiful family and they all are dog lovers. They have four dogs, one cat and two sugargliears. Their dogs are so cute. My favorite is Wawa.... He is a cutie, isn't he?

Wednesday, November 28

My Little Friends

My little friends and I had a great time for their photo shoot! He was so busy getting into everything.... I remember my girls were at his age. I love to watch them what they were going to do next! I get unexpected shot "good one" when they are little.
He was start drinking a glass of milk for Santa! Oh my, you are such a cute one! I hope your mom and dad will love these images.

Thursday, November 22


I took my girls to the park. It was very nice and warm for November..... It might be a last chance to get these beautiful leaves for this year. It is supposed to be rain tomorrow. We need to enjoy this weather. I am thankful for these beautiful trees and weather we have. I am thankful for our good health. I am very thankful for people care about. I am thankful for the time together with my girls. I am thankful for our God watching over us all the time.

Thursday, November 15

40 more days till Christmas

Just 40 more days till Christmas!!!!!

I have been working on my new web site and Christmas Special..... I have been very busy.... Oh my, Thanksgiving is on next Thursday!!!!! I am not ready for that.... My girls and I were putting up the green Christmas tree for the Classic Christmas Setting in the camera room yesterday. My girls are getting excited in Christmas Spirit. It was so much fun to decorate together in the camera room. I hope many people will enjoy our Classic Christmas Setting as well as they did with the White Christmas Setting.

Wednesday, September 19

Portrait Greeting Card for Holiday

Here are sample cards for Christmas.

got passion?

These guys have a PASSION in music!
They love to play! They want to play more than anything else they do in the LIFE.
I could see that passion through the lens.....
I had a great time to capture that energetic sound and feeling. You call that is the PASSION.
Keep play great music! I love to visit you guys and photograph your passion again!


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Monday, September 17

Oh, Baby Baby

Thank you for allowing me to photograph your beautiful baby!
I could not photograph all these beautiful images without your patient!
He was so good and happy baby during the session.
I love to take time for session especially with new born. If we don't rush and take many breaks, we get great images!
Thank you! Mommy!

Hey, Batter Batter, Swing

I enjoy watching my girls playing ball..... This is her first year playing ball. She hits! But, she forgot to run. She got so excited about hitting the ball!!! Next time, she will know that she is supposed to RUN! It is so much fun to watch little ones play ball. We never know what they are going to do....

Kitty Kitty

Saturday, May 12

One night stay at New Orleans

I had a chance to stay at New Orleans. Since I came here without my children. Yes!, I can go to take pictures any time! I didn't see any small children and school bus at down town district and French Quater. They might not have opened up their school yet.... New Orleans has recovered so much since Katrina. They are trying to reinforce safety in their area. I saw so many police officers everywhere. People from New Orleans still have their home and memory they grew up. May God Bless New Orleans. No matter how terrible things happen to their town, people still have their hometown. I miss my hometown also. One day, I will visit my hometown, YOKOHAMA.

Here are a few pics.