Thursday, November 11

The Classic Bridal Showcase

It was great opportunity to attend this Classic Bridal Showcase at the Memphis Botanic Garden. There were wedding gown and tux fashion show also. I did have a good time meeting many brides to be and other vendors. Special thanks to Ms. Heather and Ms. Jennifer from the Life is an Occasion Event Firm. They had a great team working very hard for all of us!!! My booth was right next to Ms. Amarjit who takes care of Destination Wedding. She was very kind and helpful to me. I am sure she takes care of her clients in same way! We both were keep distracted by amazing smell from sample food from ME and MY TEA ROOM CATERING!!! Oh My Goodness! Everything they prepared were smells soooooo good!

Thank you so much for everyone who visited to my booth! I enjoyed talking about your wedding plan!!!

Here are The Winner of Free Engagement Session with one 11×14 wall portraits from Ritzy Photography.

*Whitney & Kevin
*Latoya & Ryan

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Friday, October 15

Children's Portrait

I photographed him when he was born. He became a big brother. He loves to give loving to little sister and grand mother so much. He is such a loving brother and little young man now! I am so glad that we could make this precious session. Thank you for the privilege to photograph your beautiful babies. You can see how much they will be loved by grand mother not only their parents!!!

Here is a few of my favorites.

Friday, September 3

Desoto County, Memphis Area Wedding Photographer

Congratulation to Brittany and Chris!!!

It was very busy and anxious day for this young bride..... She had many who loves and takes care of her. You are very blessed to have so many who love you..... You gain one more who loves and makes a commitment in the presence of our LORD on this day. Congratulation!

Brittany and Chris! Thank you for coming out side for this portrait done even though it was very hot day!!!

Here is a few of my favorite.

Friday, August 20

Desoto County, Memphis Area Wedding Photographer

It was very nice church wedding in hot summer! There are so many children in this wedding. Taking care of little children to get dressed, taking care of themselves and care about each other..... I already see their busy busy everyday life in this wedding. I pray this new family will grow with our heavenly Father's help and guidance. I saw very sincere, loving, caring through this bride and groom. I think children they have makes stronger faith they carry through this marriage. Thank you so much for the privilege to photograph your beautiful wedding.

Here is a few of my favorites.

Saturday, July 10

The warrior in tiny body.

Thank you for letting me photograph your precious angel. I am so glad that we could have done this session. He needed to take a few breaks for eating, getting oxygen and some napping. I am sure he was very tired after all that. I was so thankful that his mommy and grand mother was very patient with me and him. We have been praying for him and his family since before he was born. They are a very special family to me. I remember his mom was just like my younger daughter's age?.... (It might be younger than my baby girl is 9 years old.) Now, you are a mother of this beautiful tiny warrior. I am sure you went through so much to worry and desperate moments because of his health..... I am believing you and God will provide you all strength, love and caring from people around you.
We will keep praying for his health and medical attention and all his needs.

God Bless You and your Family!!!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Tuesday, May 11

Wedding at the Lake

Congratulations to Casey & Chris

There were tornado warnings and thunder storm warnings everywhere.... Our life is just like weather! There will be good times and hard times for everyone. That's why we need to keep Jesus in our lives. He will help us to grow stronger and wiser. There was very heavy storms during their ceremony..... After all that rain, it finally stopped. I was so glad that I could take both of you for a portrait made. It turned out beautiful out side just like their wedding!

Here are a few of my favorites and a slide show as a sneak peek.....

Thursday, April 29

Thursday, April 15

Engagement Session at Memphis Botanic Garden

She is so happy! He is so happy! They make me smile! They are in love!
Here is a few of my favorites.