Tuesday, April 25


Sisters are very special! I am so glad that I have two girls. They will grow together. Share the memory they play together when they were young. I miss my two sisters in overseas. I still talk to them on the phone and e-mail them.
I hope my two little girls stay close each other when they grow.

Thank you Lord, Bless us sisters!

Smoky Mountain

Right time, right place.
I am usually stuck in the house with my girls. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love to stay home with my girls.
But I wish that I can be in right time and right place to encounter the beautiful scene to photograph.
I tried to photograph beautiful nature while we were in the Gatlinburg for family trip. I am sure that I am missing out so much more beautiful scene. I wanted to leave the hotel room before the sun come up for early morning shooting. But, I could not leave them when I saw my girls were sleeping so heavenly. May be, One day, when they will grow up, I may get out easier.