Friday, December 15

Little Girls

They like to dress up and put some make up, have a little tea party......
They like to play with doll, dress them up also.
I love the pictures show little children are doing something.

Little sister try to be like her big sister. She is learning how to put make up and be like a princess!

You are grown too fast!

Tuesday, October 24

Celebration of Love

Beautiful thing.....
Wedding gown, flower, ring and beautiful cake....
Most of all, the Love you two have is the most powerful and beautiful thing.

Wedding story...

Wednesday, October 11

Invitation to Ritzy's Christmas Portrait Session

It is time for Christmas Portrait!
I set up all white for Christmas Session this year. It might be a white Christmas... I hope!
If you are interested in...


I thought she can make a good Snow White!

Tuesday, September 19

Oh Baby, baby!

Oh Baby, baby. You are so sweet and cuddly. Come here, let me hold you little while...
New born, 3 months, 6 months. It is so amazing how much they will grow within few months.....
I try to capture their rapid growth each time. They look so different each time.
I enjoy photograph babies so much! To parent... Thank you for bringing your angel to me.

Tuesday, April 25


Sisters are very special! I am so glad that I have two girls. They will grow together. Share the memory they play together when they were young. I miss my two sisters in overseas. I still talk to them on the phone and e-mail them.
I hope my two little girls stay close each other when they grow.

Thank you Lord, Bless us sisters!

Smoky Mountain

Right time, right place.
I am usually stuck in the house with my girls. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love to stay home with my girls.
But I wish that I can be in right time and right place to encounter the beautiful scene to photograph.
I tried to photograph beautiful nature while we were in the Gatlinburg for family trip. I am sure that I am missing out so much more beautiful scene. I wanted to leave the hotel room before the sun come up for early morning shooting. But, I could not leave them when I saw my girls were sleeping so heavenly. May be, One day, when they will grow up, I may get out easier.

Friday, March 17

Spring is Here!

It's getting warm outside. Daffodils are up! Cherry blossoms are so beautiful. Time for spring.... Children want to go outside and play... Let's go to park! We enjoy bicycle riding and roller skating. Oh, yes. Don't forget to take some pictures for spring portrait.

We were so blessed to have such a peaceful day with beautiful Daffodils.

They fight all the time. But, they share many good things and enjoy doing things together.
I hope they will stay closer each other as they get older.
Thank you Lord, the sisters I have. Amen.

Wednesday, January 18

Is it time for Spring yet?

I can't wait Spring is coming soon. Flower bloom, we all come outside and enjoy the warm air.

We got new friend Bunny. Girls named him Bugs. He is so cute and cuddly. We play with him everyday.....

My name is Bugs.