Tuesday, August 26


My friend came over to visit us with her baby girl.... It was totally surprise to meet her first baby! I had to grab my camera when I met this sweet baby. I wished that I prepared my studio room for her, too. I did get pretty good images for the snapshots! Marlyn! I hope you get to see this blog from over Philippines. Here is your beautiful grand baby! Sandy.... I am so glad that you visited us. Let us know if you are coming and visiting us next time. So, that I can prepare for photo shoot for your beautiful baby girl. She is so precious!!!!!

Love Ya'll
Take care!

Ritzy and her family.

Sunday, August 10

Angel from Above

She is one of our Angels from Above. I visited her great grandmother's place to do her photo shoot. She is such a sweet little girl. It was the best place to make her timeless portraiture. Here are a few of my favorites. Ms. Stephanie, thank you for allowing me to photograph your little girl! I thought she looks just like you! ritzy